WorldKnown's Staff App

Your In-game/Steam Name - Your in-game/Steam name.

Name of server - The server you are applying for.
LBG US#1 and LBG EU#1

Your Steam Profile Link - A link to your Steam profile.

Your Steam ID - Your Steam ID (not required if you have a profile link).

Why Should You Be Admin?
Being an administrator on an Unturned server entails a lot of trust and responsibility, but it also has numerous advantages. I would be able to manage the server and enforce the rules as an admin, assisting in making sure that everyone had a fun and fair experience. I could also aid with conflict resolution, maintain a pleasant and orderly discussion, and support gamers with any technological problems they might be having. Additionally, by influencing the server’s culture and establishing the tone for player interactions, becoming an admin enables me to have a bigger effect on the community. I’d be in a position to make choices that enhance the playing experience and uphold a high level of player happiness. Being an administrator is a fantastic chance for leadership and personal development. My problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict-resolution skills would improve, and these are all transferrable abilities that might be helpful in a variety of other spheres of life. In summary, serving as an administrator on an Unturned server is a demanding but worthwhile opportunity that benefits both the server and you.

Timezone & Availability - Your timezone and availability for playing on the server. Include how often you can hop on and your expectations.
EST, I am available for around 8-10 hours each day on unturned and am always available on discord.

How old are you?

Additional Info - Any other notes/information.
I’ve been playing Unturned for a while now; I purchased the game some time ago and have been playing sometimes ever since, but lately I’ve been really getting into it. I have a enhanced understanding of the game’s rules and mechanics, which would make me a better staff member. My discord tag is Worldie#5094.

I would be interested in having you as apart of our team. Just would like to talk a bit first. But these vanilla servers are just the start and is basically to just get a foot in the Unturned community while we work on custom content. Add me on discord.

Alright great, I added you on discord.