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Who the fuck

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I was kicked for “inappropriate language”, which I believe is a lie. I was given warnings for using inappropriate language, to which I responded by promptly ceasing usage of profanity, but when I asked the moderator Phantom if it was okay to use inappropriate language, he said it was fine. Then after a while of VC where I used said language, he proceeded to ban me. Before I was kicked, Phantom proceeded to say something along the lines of “I don’t care if this gets me removed as an admin”. Not sure if this indicates he himself felt a strong feeling that he was misusing his admin power when kicking me on claims of “inappropriate language”, which were tenuous at best due to the aforementioned “OK” to use language like this from the admin himself. I can assure anyone that had I properly known what would tick off the admin, I wouldn’t had done it.

Situation was handled against the Admin. Please if you are using language that is now allowed do not do so. Unbanned.