The real Vegito’s admin application

Your In-game/Steam Name - The real Vegito

Name of server - New [LBG] Sandbox | NEEDS STAFF

Your Steam Profile Link - Steam Community :: Error

Why Should You Be Admin? - I wish to help stop the issue of mic spammers and overall toxic and annoying players on the sandbox server and I will help any players that don’t know what to do, I will overall try to help as many player as possible in as many ways as I can.

Timezone & Availability - My timezone is utc (yes I am British) and I am available on most days from 3:30PM onward (Usually off by around 6:30PM) but will be available almost all day at the weekends (sometimes)

Gmod Time-307.2 Hours
Server time- Around 10 days (240 Hours)

It appears my steam profile link is invalid, I must fix this immediately
Hope this link works

Another reason why i want to be admin is because whenever I am on and no admins are on there are a lot of rule breakers

Hmm, I wonder if this even got posted, I don’t even think anybody has checked it

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Don’t count on it. It’s LBG after all