Server Manager Guidelines

General guidelines for server managers:

  • Server managers and admins of the servers must listen to higher ups.

  • Server managers and admins of said servers must maintain a non-toxic environment on the servers free of discrimination etc( Must follow global rules but can have extra rules if needed for the specific game/gamemode).

  • Server managers must maintain the server(s) they are managing this includes keeping it updated, finding developers, and admins etc.

  • Providing unique content to players is also a good idea this will probably involve having to find developers that are interested.

  • Advertising the server you are managing can also help along with idling to attract players. Your main goal is to find and maintain a player base for the server(s) you are managing.

  • Having active staff on the server will also attract players since players like when a server has active staff.

  • You must find good admins and make sure to have players post staff applications. The admins must be mature enough, laid back, and just generally good people. (So before you add someone make sure you understand how they behave and have seen them in-game playing for long enough)

  • I also recommend posting staff guidelines on your servers motd including how to punish players to maintain consistency.

  • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

  • These guidelines are subject to change if I find more to define. This should help us maintain consistency and get everyone on the same page.