PxelPrfect for Admin!

PxelPrfect (Name)


(Steam Community :: PxelPrfect)

358 hours on GMOD

Despite my age, I have always been ahead of my peers. In many fields, I have always been ten steps ahead. I am familiar with the rules, and love GMOD. On my free days, I play it for at least a little bit. I also like to chill with the others (Ducktator, an old pal of mine, Postal Alien, another good old friend of mine). Me as an admin would be a choice that you won’t regret, as you will see.

Eastern time, I come on the server on days off of school because my pc is shit, and I expect people to follow the roles and just be chill, and if I find that then I will be chill.

Another thing I would like to add is I’ve seen the other admins. Breaking their own rules, and I feel that there should be some admin that aren’t that type of guy. Ducktator is an example of a good admin. He’s the one that indirectly demonstrated the example of what an admin should be like. One that follows rules and enforces them, but still fun to play with. I feel like I could nail that balance of strict and calm, down to earth if you will. I feel like I could do it. I feel like I can do it well too. So please consider, because when it comes to good admin choices, you go to me, PxelPrfect. Thanks, and have a good day.

a good admin doesnt spam about going to r34

also need to know your age

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Turning 15 tomorrow.

sorry but ive decided to reject this app, mostly because >16 but also due to the fact you have been added to toxic and gagged etc

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