Purge darkrp staff application

Your In-game/Steam Name - Bloodraven4800

Name of server - Laid Back Gaming darkrp purge server.

Your Steam Profile Link - Steam Community :: Bloodraven4800

Your Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:606129398

Why Should You Be Admin? - Usually when I play gmod I find lots of people breaking rules when staff are not online or are afk, most of the time its either prop abuse or saying racist and homophobic slurs. It’s very annoying when these types of people are ruining the game for others and nothing can be done about it. I have over 70 hours on the LBG sandbox server and find many rulebreakers there, but on the sandbox server there are many staff to deal with rulebreakers, unlike the new darkrp server. Which is why I would like to be a staff member. I have lots of experience being a staff members for games. the biggest one being the SuperLuminal server with around 2.2k members. and enjoy moderating as I like to help people.

Timezone & Availability - gmt-4. I am very active almost every day and most active at around 4pm - 8:30pm

Additional Info -

Ill add you to staff when I see you on again

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