Prop Hunt Rules

Thanks for choosing LBG! We hope you have fun.

By playing on this server you agree to have your screen occasionally captured and the image stored by administration for the purposes of having a fair server. By closing this MOTD, you understand that you must follow our rules, specified below, while playing on our server, and that, if you do not, punishment within our server(s) and community can and will occur.

If a staff members asks you to do something, please do not argue. If you have any issues with the staff or server, please PM Toxic or TheThirdReaper on Discord. Arguing with staff in server will escalate punishments. We strive for our server to be a laid back environment, including in the way our staff manage the server, but we must set some ground rules to keep a friendly and playable environment overall.


Server Manager

  • TheThirdReaper
  • Toxic

Server Admin

  • FloRhyan
  • Sir Otter

Server Rules

These are the rules that must be followed to play on the server. No player is exempt from the rules, not even staff.

  1. Do not hide somewhere inaccessible to hunters or make yourself inaccessible (doorblocking)
  2. No racial, homophobic, or xenophobic slurs, nor anything that would explicitly imply or reference them (slightly altered spelling, cutting word off early, any variations, etc.)
  3. Stay inside the map
  4. No inappropriate jokes that could incite arguments amongst players (rape, suicide, pedophilia jokes, etc). Whether or not a joke is appropriate is up to staff discretion.
  5. No internal ghosting (using an in-game chat feature to gain or release information about a hunter or prop to another player)
  6. No external ghosting (using an outside chat to gain or release information about hunters or props to another player in the game such as Skype, Steam Chat, Discord, TeamSpeak, Twitch, etc.)
  7. As a prop, you must remain visible (within reason - see red text) and damageable by hunters. Must be at least ~25% visible. Visibility up to staff discretion
  8. Porn/gore/disgusting spray or profile pictures are prohibited. Spray legality up to staff discretion.
  9. Do not impersonate staff. This includes any tags in your name and/or chat tag that would cause others to think you are staff.
  10. Do not argue with staff or tell them how to do their job. This includes, but is not limited to, getting involved with staff related tasks/topics, such as other peoples punishments.
  11. Do not advertise non-LBG servers.
  12. Do not kill before the round starts, should you have the opportunity to.
  13. Hacking is not allowed under ANY circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to, anti-screengrab software, software that gives you any advantage over players that do not have it in the game, etc.
  14. Do not purposefully kill yourself as a prop so hunters can’t get you.
  15. Do not spam any chat systems in the server, including text chat and voice chat (this includes soundboards, videos, screaming, spamming chat, etc.)
  16. Do not mention anything CP/loli/shota related (this includes all forms of chat, links, and sprays). Doing so will result in a permanent ban.
  17. Do not do anything that would impede on the ability of other players playing on the server as intended.


These are clarifications of specific things related to the server that may not be clear.

Saying where another prop or hunter is, without being a living hunter . If you are alive as a hunter, you may do callouts of players’ locations as a way of helping your teammates locate them. This includes fake hints or pretending to ghost . It takes too long to differentiate between the two.

Legal Spots
Hide as best you can within map boundaries and within the guidelines of the rules. If hunters can damage you and a decent amount of your prop is visible (as much as is specified in the above rules), you are legal.

Legal spots include places where you can be seen and damaged. Illegal spots include, but aren’t limited to: being outside of invisible barriers/map barriers, places you can only get to by using unstuck to go through walls/floors, etc.

You may not breach a map’s intended barriers our boundaries, which are outlined by the invisible walls that you make physical contact with at the edge of the map(s). THIS APPLIES TO BOTH TEAMS.

Map-specific clarification

  • The zombie room on Zombie Bunker (which is accessed by using unstuck) is legal since it’s accessible by both teams and props can be shot through the bars.
  • Borders on Western City MUST be disabled before any prop can hide outside of them
  • Secret rooms on Awesome Building and YouTurd MUST be open before hiding in them.

Using !stuck/!unstuck to reach higher areas that are normally out of reach is ALLOWED. It is an intended feature of our server that is meant to break the monotony of normal Prop Hunt gameplay that you would find on other servers.

Server Perks

Server perks are currently a work-in-progress. When donations ranks become available, so will features exclusive to those ranks. This part of the MOTD will be updated later when that becomes the case. Instead of making these features available to everyone in the current state of the server, we’ve instead opted to make these features admin-only until such a time comes where players can be rewarded in return for helping the community

Server Commands

These are the various commands you can use on our server.

Key Binds:

  • F1 - How to play.
  • F2 - Choose or switch team.
  • F3 - Play a random taunt.
  • F4 - Open pointshop.
  • r (as a prop) - Lock prop rotation so that you can look around without your rotation changing.

Chat Commands:

  • !menu - Opens a menu full of commands that can be used
  • !selfblock [username] - Blocks a person’s text and voice message activity from being seen/heard
  • !motd - Server rules
  • !rtv - Vote for a map vote to be called. A server majority must do the command for the map vote to be held
  • @ [message] - Directly message admins regarding a matter
  • !stuck/!unstuck - Tries to get you unstuck if you are stuck OR can be used as a way to get a jump boost.
  • !3p/!1p - Toggles thirdperson/firstperson
  • !trade - Opens the pointshop trade menu