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Your In-game/Steam Name - Your in-game/Steam name.

Name of server - The server you are applying for.

Your Steam Profile Link - A link to your Steam profile.

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Why Should You Be Admin? -
I believe I would make a great admin for this server because of my ability to provide support to players, educate them on the rules, handle conflicts in a professional and positive manner, and assist with tasks within the bounds of the rules. Additionally, I am equipped to deal with any instances of hacking that may occur.

Timezone & Availability - Your timezone and availability for playing on the server. Include how often you can hop on and your expectations.
(GMT+8) I am active for almost 8 hours a day.

How old are you ?

Additional Info - Any other notes/information.Please use the following template.
I’ve been playing Unturned for years, so I have a lot of experience and knowledge that I can bring to the staff team. I also used to run a RP server a few years ago, so I have worked with multiple teams and have gained a variety of skills. I’m patient, understanding, determined, and willing to learn new things. I always try to take the initiative and solve problems quickly while providing support for everyone.

I would be interested in having you as apart of our team. Just would like to talk a bit first. But these vanilla servers are just the start and is basically to just get a foot in the Unturned community while we work on custom content. Add me on discord.