Oh-_-SM0K3Y`s Staff Application

Your In-game/Steam Name - Oh-_-SM0K3Y

Name of server - [LBG] Purge

Your Steam Profile Link - Steam Community :: Oh-_-SM0K3Y

Your Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:245097531

Why Should You Be Admin? - I am going to provide for the server what it will need. i am semi/active. i have manners and im un-bias on every situation. i think everyone has a chance unless they actually do something wrong. ive been admin on 2 different servers but they got shut down so it ended there. im 24 this year and respectful for any player. i can split the realities between fun and seriousness.

Timezone & Availability - EET Finland timezone. I am mostly active on US timezones doe.

Additional Info - i really hope you go with me. i wont let you down!


I have been playing with this guy for a good portion of the day. He is a really cool guy, doesn’t troll, has fun etc. He seems like he is here to stay and likes the server allot. It seems to me he really wants to help out.