[Nasulex]Special game hosting offers

I’m excited to announce that we are now offering spare resources on our high-performance 12900ks dedicated server in Chicago, previously used exclusively for LBG. This is an excellent opportunity to offset some costs and maximize the server’s potential.

Our special offer includes 100% allocation of 5.4GHz core with 16GB of RAM for just $100/mo. If you require double the resources, the cost is simply doubled, and so on. This server is running on top-tier hardware, complete with DDoS mitigation from Path.net. It’s an ideal solution for hosting a Rust server. I will only be selling two servers like this because LBG needs the rest of this machine.

For other games and services, we can provide more cost-effective options on our other servers that ill state below. Please note that the Chicago server has limited CPU resources, as it operates with e-cores and hyper-threading disabled for optimal single-thread performance. This configuration results in 8 p-cores running at 5.4GHz. So hence the higher price. This is typically not offered by hosting providers since you cannot run very many servers on a machine like this and there wouldn’t be much of a profit margin even at $100/mo.

Additionally, we have an EU-based 12900k machine with DDR4 RAM instead of DDR5, allowing us to offer similar services at a more affordable rate of $70/mo for the same amount of allocated resources.

We also have a Toronto server. However, due to limited RAM availability on our Toronto server, it may not be suitable for Rust servers, as they typically require 16GB of RAM. Might be able to do one.

For games other than rust that need less ram I can do at a lower cost. A source engine based server for example usually only uses 4gb of ram max so I can do that at $20/mo for example. But on the Chicago machine it has a very high performance cpu that cannot run many servers and the cost id have to charge only really makes sense for a Rust server that can use a high amount of ram + the cpu.

If you’re interested in any of these offers or have further inquiries, feel free to contact me on Discord or send an email to [email protected].