My apply to rust staff

Your In-game/Steam Name - Your in-game/Steam name. nickname

Name of server - The server you are applying for. {US}[LBG]5/6|NEW 2x[KITS|Monthly|MyMini|TP

Your Steam Profile Link - A link to your Steam profile. Steam Community :: Nickname

Your Steam ID - Your Steam ID (not required if you have a profile link).

Hours played on the server. Idk

Hours on rust. 7.207h

Age. 15

Why Should You Be Admin? - Reasons as to why you should be an admin for this server. I wanted to take support cases in and help people who need help, I would love to play on this server as I think it is cool
Timezone & Availability - Your timezone and availability for playing on the server. Include how often you can hop on and your expectations. like every day for liker 5 h

Additional Info - Any other notes/information. Nahh