Mad_Kirby staff application remake

Your In-game/Steam Name - Mad_Kirby

Name of server - [LBG] Sandbox

Your Steam Profile Link - Steam Community :: Mad_Kirby

Why Should You Be Admin? - this server is my absolute favorite and lately ive been noticing an massive influx of blatant rule breakers breaking rules scot free and the only thing i can do is stand there just seeing it happen. I want to do something about it but i cant, since im very active i would be on the server a big part of the day unless i have something really inportant to do

Timezone & Availability - my timezone is GMT-3, and im available most of time around 10 am (on gmt 3) to 6 pm(gmt 3) on the week, and by the weekend im available from 7pm to 11 pm (gmt 3)

Additional Info - im brazilian so im very sorry if my english wasnt the best, i remade the topic bcs the old one was actually horrible