LEGENDARY2015's Staff Application

Your In-game/Steam Name - LEGENDARY2015

Name of server - [LGB] Sandbox

Your Steam Profile Link - Steam Community :: LEGENDARY2015
Your Steam ID - 76561198167030911

Why Should You Be Admin? - I’ve been playing gmod since December of 2014 and as a veteran, as we progress through the years I would love to see the LGB community start to get better and better. The past few days I’ve been seeing loads of people (anti-furries, homophobes, etc.) Come into this server and just cause unnecessary chaos, we have had admins like civil protection come in and gag a lot of them but it just never seems to work and I KNOW that if I was there to help enforce these rules that LGB would become a much better place for people to wanna be, thank you for reading.

Timezone & Availability - I am always available thursday-sunday and during the week after school. so pretty much most of the time.

Additional Info - I would like to inform you that picking civil protection for the job was a really good choice, even though he is just 14 like me he does a very, VERY good job trying to keep everyone in the server in check, and I just want to have the ability to do the same, Please consider my offer, and if I am rejected I will still do as much as I can to support the server! Thank you for reading this.