LBG sandbox server gmod Admin application

i think i posted this in the wrong section so here it is again
818SICK420 here im applying for admin because there are alot of trolls on the server and not always a admin on when i play. Im a respectable player and i promise not to abuse the power. Steam ID: 76561199301148243

Your In-game/Steam Name - Your in-game/Steam name.

Name of server - The server you are applying for.
[lBG] Sandbox

Your Steam Profile Link - A link to your Steam profile.
Steam Community :: 818SICK420

Your Steam ID - Your Steam ID (not required if you have a profile link).


Steam ID: 76561199301148243

Hours played on the server. 48

Age. 30

Why Should You Be Admin? - Reasons as to why you should be an admin for this server.

Im a respectable player i would help prevent the chaos that i see going on in the server lots of prop pushing blocking and mic spam

Timezone & Availability - Arizona mountain standard time Im currently on throughout the day but after i start working again it would be after 3 or 4 pm up until midnight

Additional Info - I build alot and dont really mess with other people

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Sorry for posting so much here and also having the wrong format and wrong thread but im bumping my application and hoping i get a chance still at admin

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