LBG Sandbox Rules

Welcome to LBG Sandbox


  • No discrimination of any kind including racism and all of that stuff.
  • No harassment.
  • No posting gore or pornographic content.
  • No mic spamming or chat spamming.
  • No soundboards(this is mic spamming)
  • No obnoxious voice changers
  • Do not cheat outside of HVH ( Visuals are allowed ) this will result in getting put into the HVH rank.
  • Do not prop block.
  • Do not spam this can result in you getting put into the spammer rank.
  • No trying to crash the server or lag the server( If you can that is ).
  • No threats of ddos or anything like that.
  • No toxicity.
  • No advertising other servers.
  • No prop abuse( Prop killing and prop pushing. Might make a PK mode when I have time )
  • No using scripts to follow people around in noclip. ( Freeze them and ban them if it continues _ )
  • These rules are subject to change.


If you would like to donate you can do so at to get perks on this server and across other servers on the network. LBG Premium is $4.99/mo or $17.99 one time. Sandbox also has a trusted role for $1.99 one off. This helps me a lot as I am a student with just a part time job.
VIP perks include: PAC3 access, E2 Access, 2x the prop limit, donator guns, setting a custom chat tag, ragdolls, access to custom loadouts, and VIP pointshop items.

Server specs( incase you are interested )

Currently running on an overclocked i9 12900ks dedi with 64gb of ddr5 and nvme storage in Chicago US. Yes its very overkill for a sandbox server but we have some other servers running on it too.

Staff applications:

You can post staff applications on our website which is

Other information:

We are always looking for ways to improve the server but we would like to maintain optimization so its playable when lots of players are on. We can also use developers as well so feel free to join the discord if you are interested.

We have multiple servers running which consist of Gmod, TF2, Rust, CSGO, and CSS servers.

Staff punishment guidelines:

  • For being toxic( racism, discrimination, etc) and stuff like mic spam first start with a warning than you can mute them for a bit or gag depending on the toxicity and if they don’t stop there is a Toxic rank that you can give them using the settoxicrank command. It is basically no access but they can use weapons and can’t talk at all.
  • If its posting gore the toxic rank can also work.
  • Threats of ddosing can just be a perm ban.
  • For crashing the server the toxic rank or no access rank works but if its something strange and it doesn’t just ban them.
  • For harassment its basically the same as the first one.
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