LBG Darkrp Rules

Welcome to LBG Darkrp

This is a new server so we are currently looking for staff and trying to iron out whatever bugs there may be. You may report issues on the discord. The current plan is to get what we have to be bug free and stable then add more custom content on top of it. I have 7 years of experience running gmod servers personally and I am a dev( actually knows lua and not just a configurator ) but I’ve never really actually tried darkrp. If you are a developer id appreciate help too but I’m fine with doing stuff myself. What we really need is staff right now and a player base.



  1. No discrimination ( racism etc )
  2. No RDM
  3. No NLR ( You must wait 5 minutes before returning back to the area of your death. There will be an NLR circle and you will not be able to go inside of it )
  4. No exploiting/cheating
  5. No spamming of any kind ( Including mic spam. Hobos are allowed to play music over the mic aslong as it is not obnoxious. )
  6. No prop abuse ( Prop blocking, prop climbing, etc … )
  7. No impersonating admins
  8. No scamming ( for ingame money included )
  9. You may warn players if they are bothering you. ( after 3 warnings using /advert. Must be a minimum of 1 minute apart )
  10. Do not abuse your job in any way ( This includes quickly switching jobs to arrest someone for example )
  11. Do not attempt to evade punishment
  12. Do not advertise other communities.
  13. Do not post links
  14. Do not use /job to impersonate other jobs
  15. Do not chain adverts. ( You may only have one type of advert per key bind )
  16. Adverts must be clear ( How do I raid does not count. But
  17. No VDM
  18. No meta gaming
  19. No harassment
  20. Staff have the final say

Base rules

  1. Only one base allowed.
  2. You must build a base inside of a building.
  3. Bases can only have 4 doors or keypads max that raiders have to pick/crack
  4. No one ways ( A raider must be able to see you when you are shooting at them )
  5. No obstacles other than the doors or keypads that slow them down.
  6. No mega bases ( blocking off whole areas etc is not allowed )
  7. Do not trap people inside of your base unless you are a kidnapper

Raiding rules

  1. You may not raid a base with a building sign
  2. You must advert before a raid using /advert
  3. Raids can only last a max of 15 minutes
  4. NLR applies to raids and when you are killed you can only come back after 5 minutes
  5. You must wait 5 minutes before raiding a different base and 10 minutes before raiding the same base
  6. You may not leave the server during an active raid
  7. You may not build or destroy your own entities during an active raid
  8. You may not change jobs during an active raid

Countering raids rules

  1. You must advert a counter raid using /advert.
  2. NLR applies to counter raids.

Kidnapping rules

  1. You may not keep a player for longer than 10 minutes
  2. Max ransom is 500k
  3. Kidnapped players are allowed to try to escape even if you tell them to stop
  4. Kidnaps must be adverted right after you have the person restrained in any way.

Mugging rules

  1. The max mug is 20k
  2. You must advert a mug in chat
  3. A mug may not last longer than one minute.
  4. A player can refuse and if they do you can kill them
  5. You must wait 5 minutes before mugging a different person and 10 minutes before mugging the same person.
  6. You may not mug someone who is actively moving.
  7. You cannot kill someone until after 10 seconds of trying to mug them

Police and Mayor rules

  1. Police must follow the mayors orders.
  2. No stupid laws ( No jaywalking for example. This is just a stupid excuse to RDA People )
  3. No RDA ( Don’t randomly arrest people )
  4. The mayor cannot run a dictatorship.

Airdrop rules

  1. You are allowed to kill someone when they are inside of the red circle
  2. NLR applies to airdrops
  3. Once you enter the circle you may not leave it

Purge rules

  1. Police may not purge
  2. RDM is allowed during a purge
  3. Breaking NLR is allowed during a purge
  4. You must follow all other server rules

Extra information

Thank you for reading the rules. This is a new server so it will be going under massive changes. We are always open to suggestions and you are welcome to post them on the forums or on the discord.

Staff applications

Staff applications have to be posted on the forums. You may not post joke applications or you will definitely be denied. We are looking for staff currently so feel free to apply for staff.


You may donate at You can buy LBG premium which gives you perks on this server as well as purchase points to use on the pointshop(!shop). You can use points to buy accessories, perma weapons, or ingame cash. Donations are greatly appreciated.