Introduction ( Synk aka the owner of LBG )

Hello people.

I am the owner of LBG.
I am a university student with a part time job so time is limited.
I am also a Canadian living in Ontario but I accept donations to LBG in USD since the bills are in USD.

I have a very deep set of knowledge in server hosting. Currently 7 years of experience and I started doing this sort of stuff when I was 11 years old.

The first thing I ever did was start a gmod sandbox server when I was 11 on a 1ghz laptop running linux at my house. Mind you this was 2015 and I didn’t have much as an 11 year old. Now I have dedicated servers, my own ip blocks, and my own asn. I do have a spare /24 of ip addresses if anyone wanted to lease them but id have to trust you since I don’t want it being used for email spam etc.

I have a very large interest in anything network related too. I have messed with XDP a lot especially when doing stuff for the XDP program we made for LBG sadly we are going to be taking that out of operation as it is expensive and the server hosts like vultr piss me off( No ddos mitigation, doesn’t have multi queue, shit tons of packet loss…). Topics include: eGP, iGP, routing, switching, writing packet processing software (xdp etc), sockets, …

My knowledge is just very deep in general honestly but there is always more to learn. Game servers basically get you messing with everything over that large of a time span. Databases, web development, …, you name it. I am not very much of an artist though mainly more of a backend developer. This website is currently just stock discourse since I don’t have time to make a theme. We just really need more developers for LBG basically.

I also run a little game server host( ) which helps me pay bills and I also enjoy being able to provide a service that allows people to have access to the same high quality performance that I like. My main goal is performance even when creating game servers I prioritize optimization. I plan to offer hosting out of Chicago USA and Frankfurt Germany soon too so keep an eye out for the announcement.

Programming languages I regularly use include: C, Python, Java( uni lol ) and Lua( gmod lol). But I have messed with many other languages and plan to get into golang and rust. Next year will be C++ and assembly in university too.

I have lots of ideas for LBG too its just the cost of things and time limits that really hold me back since I only have a part time job. You can donate to LBG at Dedicated servers and such are pretty expensive.

Running a game server is honestly pretty fun since you get to meet lots of cool people and learn new things as well but it does take a lot of work, money and time. Of course if you are just running a single server it doesn’t cost very much though but if you are doing 3+ you would probably want a dedicated server. My host is rather affordable as it cost 2x less than some other options in the case of gmod at least. If you wanted me to do a rust server for you id probably realistically need to charge $100/mo as rust is a ram pig and I have limited ram lol.

Trust me I could probably write a 100 page essay about myself but the jest of it is I am just a really big computer nerd lol.

Also yes I am a furry and its pretty obvious. The fact of the matter is I just think its cool and well most people in the fandom are also really nice. Furrys also commonly are in IT jobs and basically run the internet lol. I am in many networking groups and trust me they work almost everywhere. Some even work for the large server hosting companies I use and large internet service providers. They are everywhere… you cant escape them if you hate them. LBG is not a “Furry server” though as anyone is allowed to play even if they are a furry or not. If thats your logic than the internet is for furrys since they run it lol

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largely more in depth then mine lol

Might use Nauslex for my server.