High performance DDOS mitigated VPSs on an i9 in Frankfurt Germany by nasulex.net

Discover Nasulex.net VPS, powered by an i9 12900k in Frankfurt, Germany with ddos mitigation from Path.net:

Our VPSs are perfect for hosting web servers, game servers, and almost any application. Pricing starts at just $20/mo(1 core and 4gb of ram) and includes custom firewall installation and tuning for optimal performance. With our experienced server administrators, you’ll receive quality advice and support.

Information about our service:

When you place an order it will be manually installed and configured according to your needs including the firewall for your services to ensure as high security as possible. The firewall and ddos mitigation capabilities from path.net are very extensive and feature custom made RFC compliant application filters. This includes a ton of filters for game servers available as well as a TCP SYN proxy for protecting your TCP applications among many other capabilities. If you are hosting a website behind Cloudflare or a similar service I can also help you with configuring it to be as secure as possible by making it only accessible behind the cdn service.

Our service is powered by NVME storage ensuring rapid storage for your data and quick load times for any website or other applications running on our infrastructure.

At Nasulex we also only use the best CPUs possible to ensure maximum performance and an i9-12900k offers some of the best single threaded performance available which is critical for running single threaded applications such as most game servers.

We also offer Toronto Game Hosting, with plans starting from just $20/mo and have plans to expand our VPS hosting to North America when our custom VPS control panel is ready.

How to contact us:

For more information, visit https://nasulex.net and check out our offers. Or feel free to contact us at contact@nasulex.net or join our Discord at https://discord.gg/zZMBRApgjT. We look forward to helping you find the perfect VPS solution for your needs.

Additional details:

In addition to offering superior performance and reliability. With competitive pricing on all our services, there’s no better choice than Nasulex when looking for a virtual private server provider or game hosting package!