Harassment and Prop Blocking LBG Sandbox Report

Server IP:

Server Name: LBG SANDBOX

:star:rchi, JarLordMonkeyNuts, BridleDiddleFiddle, Pasta, Peyton, stargazer

Offender Steam Profile Link - https://steamcommunity.com/id/adfioasghfadsngabhgora/

Offender Steam ID - Offender’s Steam ID (not required if you have a profile link).

Your In-game/Steam Name - PxelPrfect

Your Steam Profile Link - A link to your Steam profile.

Your Steam ID - Your Steam ID (not required if you have a profile link).

Reason For Report - They keep prop blocking and harassing me. I have screenshots with names of people who wrote them. But they basically just kept bullying me when I was just trying to build, and I was even in build mode, just trying to create a base. Also I have some witnesses here like Cian and Alkaster, and I can link their profiles.

Evidence - These people should have my case, but I literally only have witnesses, so I’m sorry about that. I didn’t plan for this.


Additional Info - Any other notes/information.

problem has been resolved

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