Glock's Staff Application

Your In-game/Steam Name - glock

Name of server - DarkRP

Your Steam Profile Link - A link to your Steam profile.

Why Should You Be Admin? - There are many reasons why I should be accepted onto the staff team. To start with, I am fairly active, playing for multiple hours at a time and I’ll still be having fun doing my job, even when taking sits. I am also proficient at multitasking, which will enable me to complete my duties quickly and do more tasks while on duty. Furthermore, I am multilingual, as I can fluently speak English and Spanish, which will be a great help to the staff team if any Spanish-speaking players need assistance. I am also able to work as part of a team, so if that is ever necessary, I am able to do so. Additionally, I am non-biased, which will ensure that everyone receives fair treatment or punishment when it comes to sits. All these traits make me an effective staff member and will allow me to do my job well.

I have experience in server administration and moderation, although it’s not extensive. I have had more success with external communities that I was passionate about. For example, I created a Discord server dedicated to coding which had over 2,000 members and was a great place to learn, share ideas and network with other coders. Unfortunately, due to some family issues I had to become inactive and the server eventually flopped. I also held the Moderator position on SmokesRP, a well-known Garry’s Mod server, about two years ago. However, my time there was cut short due to me being immature. Around the same time, I was also a Moderator on NamelessRP, but it eventually flopped and is no longer around.

Timezone & Availability - I’m in the EST timezone, and I’d consider myself pretty active. I can be on the server 2 to 4+ hours daily.

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