George's staff application

Your In-game/Steam Name - Amy

Name of server - Gmod hns

Your Steam Profile Link - Steam Community :: Amy

Your Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:539578349

Why Should You Be Admin? - there’s pretty much no active staff and whenever server isn’t empty there’s often bunch of people breaking rules like saying slurs or blocking elevators/ doors making it impossible to get them

Timezone & Availability - cet, i’m pretty much available every day(1-3pm - 3am) unless something happens

Additional Info - i’m 22 and i know how to use hammer, make models colorable and some lua, i have almost 6k hours total in gmod 4k of them spent in this gamemode

I have decided to accept this application.

The current staff that were managing the server are currently busy with school and other IRL activities.
This server definitely needs staff as there is barely any active staff.

Thank you for applying.

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