Ded staff application

Your In-game/Steam Name - Your in-game/Steam name. ded

Name of server - The server you are applying for. 24/7 2fort rtd

Your Steam Profile Link - A link to your Steam profile. Steam Community :: ded

Why Should You Be Admin? - Reasons as to why you should be an admin for this server. Because I have been playing on this server pretty consistently for the past while and feel that I would make a great addition to the staff team. I have moderated discord servers with 1000+ members in the past and am one of the owners of a decently big one currently so I have a good amount of background moderation experience. I believe this community is a great one and I want to contribute to it so it continues to thrive.

Timezone & Availability - Your timezone and availability for playing on the server. Include how often you can hop on and your expectations. I’m in the est time zone. times I can be on are inconsistent. mostly 5-10 pm on weekdays and then almost all day on weekends assuming I’m not busy.

Discord User - ded#2000

Ps. The discord tab on this page leads you to a 403 error. I would recommend making a non expiring link somewhere in the forums or anywhere else that way people can join from here.

You look like a great applicant, well-written application, clean ban /gag / mute history, okay timezone and availability and got some experience from moderating elsewhere
Even though I’m a staff manager I can’t see more of your background like your hours on our servers, chat logs, etc… so as long as any higher-ups don’t have an issue with you then you have my support

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