Civil Protection's Staff Application

Your In-game/Steam Name - Civil Protection

Name of server - [LBG] Sandbox

Your Steam Profile Link - Civil Protection On Steam

Why Should You Be Admin? - I’m always on this server and I see A lot of unnecessary toxicity and trolling A good example being: I see Prop Pushing, People Blocking off Certain parts of the map, or just generally toxic players

Timezone & Availability - My timezone is Eastern Standard Time, And I’m usually available after 11:30 AM due to online classes And if I’m requested to join after this time period I will most likely already be on the server or will be ready to get on to help out

Additional Info - I Love This server to death but It has its flaws and id like to help patch up those flaws and make it the perfect Sandbox Server

@Civil_Protection , before I accept you I’d like you to DM me on Discord so I can ask you a few questions. Just send a message when you’re ready.

Hi Its Civil Im ready