CarelessEmilys Ban Appeal

Server IP:

Server Name: [LBG] 24/7 2Fort | Instant Respawn | No Lag

In-game/Steam Name - CarelessEmilyAlt

Steam Profile Link - (Steam Community :: 💖Aaron Lycan💖)

Steam ID - Your Steam ID (not required if your have a profile link).

Why Should We Accept Your Ban Or Mute Appeal? - * So i was just playing some 2fort and i was hitting some cool shots but i was still clearly missing most of my shots. so when i respawn and started to speak the chock point i got banned for “aimbotting” and i never aimboted at all on tf2 before and tbh im really bad at the game sometimes but i still didnt even aimbot or no one even told me i was in the voice chat or in the chat so im just really confused why i got banned at all *

And to add a little bit i do stream on twitch my past broadcast show i have never used cheats before if you want to see some of those i can send them to you sadly i was not streaming at the moment this happened but you can see my play style and it will show you i play a little bit weird

I’m looking into your appeal and will reply with a verdict or maybe a question if I have

I’ve gathered some information about your ban and I will unban you, apologies for the inconvenience

                                   Appeal Accepted