Bob's Staff Application

Your In-game/Steam Name - Bob | [LBG] Bob

Name of server - [LBG] Purge

Your Steam Profile Link - Steam Community :: [LBG] Bob)

Your Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:456085681

Why Should You Be Admin? - Why should I be an Admin? That is a great question, I have been playing GMOD for I think over 4 years now with almost 6,000 hours on the game. I took a break from GMOD as a whole for quite awhile and am looking to come back and fine a fresh server to play on. I noticed this server is rather new and is in desperate need of Staff Members. I am looking forward to this being the new server I play and I figured while I’m at it I mind as well join the Staff Team and help out.

I have loads of experience being staff over the years. I have been a Staff member in many big named communities such as Icefuse, Synergy Roleplay and many more. I have also owned a community myself in the past.

I guess to sum it up, I am coming back to GMOD and stumbled onto this server while looking for a new community to be apart of. I am here to stay and I have plenty of experience and I would love to help out during my time in this community.

Timezone & Availability - Eastern Standard Time, and I can be on a good bit of the time during the week. The only day you won’t see me is Monday evenings.

Additional Info - N/A

I am really busy with school but feel free to add me on discord and I definitely wouldn’t mind adding you to staff as it really needs some. But I have some big plans for this server too.