Blorp ban appeal

Server IP:

Server Name: [LBG] 24/7 2Fort 2 | RTD | Instant Respawn | No …

In-game/Steam Name - blorp

Steam Profile Link - A link to your Steam profile.

Steam ID - Your Steam ID (not required if your have a profile link).

Why Should We Accept Your Ban Or Mute Appeal? - Reasons as to why we should consider your appeal. i was chilling with my friends on this 2fort server and i was just sniping. i do not aimbot or use walls, in fact i go to community servers to escape the bots in casual. i don’t understand why people were calling me a blatant hacker when i was playing really bad. the only notable thing that could have possibly raised suspicion to me cheating that night was when i walked out of spawn and walked to battlements where i headshot a disguised spy, but its obvious that when you walk out of spawn after respawning that there is an outline on people, even on spies that are disguised as allies. other than that, i have no clue what they mean when they said im “hacking”… if you’re asking for evidence, i’ve got none, lol.

I am going to handle your appeal, please wait for another response once I get some info

I have gotten evidence and it does show that you are secretly aim-botting, it’s just about concrete evidence for me to make the decision that you should stay banned, and I have decided that you should

If you would like to discuss further about your ban then you may add me on Discord: Ruriko#1783

               Appeal closed; You may re-appeal in 6 months time