Bloodraven4800's staff application

Your In-game/Steam Name - Bloodraven4800

Name of server - sandbox

Your Steam Profile Link - my steam page wont load right now so I can only send the ID, sorry.

Your Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:55975235

Why Should You Be Admin? - I have seen many people break rules like: Prob pushing, saying slurs, mic/chat spam ect and have seen admins like smol alien respond quickly but I feel the server could use some more admins for when others are offline. Most of the time I see at least one staff member on, but I have joined when no staff are on and lots of people breaking rules due to this. Basically I want to help ingame by moderating as I have lots of free time on the weekend.

Timezone & Availability - GMT-4. I am most active at around 4-9.

Just adding onto the “Why Should You Be Admin?” part.

I enjoy playing on this server almost everyday.
I currently have 12 hours as of writing this and hope to have a lot more time on this server.

I got the steam ID wrong, mine is STEAM_0:1 :606129398

I have my steam profile link now as my wifi is working again.

I now have 46 hours on the server.