Bjoern90's Staff Application

Your In-game/Steam Name - Bjoern90

Name of server - Gmod sandbox

Your Steam Profile Link - Steam Community :: Bjoern90

Your Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:42844056 / 76561198045953841

Why Should You Be Admin? - because i have a feeling this server needs more staffs in night time especially a active staff like me! i used to be staffs in few servers but

i got banned for doing dumb/drama stuffs (it’s their own fault…) and i was hunting for new servers… but you can check my profile and see that i played gmod for long time

and im sure i could be a good staff here even in time i can be abit rude due stress n stuff… and i’ve seen alot of proppushers on this server lately…

Timezone & Availability - GMT+1 and i can play like 10/12 hours a day even at my work due no orders n stuff… so yeah i can be pretty much active here!

Additional Info - im a autismic danish guy who can be depressed/worried with many stuffs… and in times i can be sensitive/easliy fall for jokes… and yes im a furry. deal with it!

I have decided to accept your staff application.

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tysm man! i’ll try my best to watch over the server :smiley: