Benszasty's Staff application

Your In-game/Steam Name - Benszasty

Name of server - [LGB] Sandbox

Your Steam Profile Link - Steam Community :: Benszasty

Why Should You Be Admin?:
I applied for this job beacuse to help taking care of toxic players and keep community more “user friendly” with seems to be a big problem in today Gmod.
I know a little bit of Russian language and my native language is Polish with, I think - make me more communicative and I can resolve some issues just by talking to people.

Timezone & Availability - My timezone is GMT+2 (Warsaw). I started playing on your servers on almost a daily basis in time when most of the admins and moderators are usually “asleep”.

Additional Info -
Me on discord: [Benszasty#2657]
I very like LGB Sandbox server in particular but in my opinion it still lack attention, especially from moderators, but I understand that this is caused by lack of free time.
I hope that other staff members remember me haha! I want to bring life to this place, Invite my friends there and play together. Maybe in near future I will help making this server more advance and fun place?

@Benszasty I have decided to approve your application. Later r today, likely around 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, I will give you the role of trial moderator. Due to security reasons we cannot give you full mod until you prove yourself trustworthy with these tools.

Understood Nova, thank you!