Ban Appeal | POV submission

Server IP:

Server Name: [LBG] 24/7 2Fort | Instant Respawn | No Lag

In-game/Steam Name - y!

Steam Profile Link - Steam Community :: y!

Steam ID - [U:1:1381896695]

Why Should We Accept Your Ban Or Mute Appeal? - Reasons as to why we should consider your appeal.

Was not cheating (hope the POV makes that clear)

  • will upload in reply (new acc cant upload two links)

here is a trimmed down version, original got rejected due to length (if it seems like i am talking to myself its because the call i was in wasn’t recorded, I can also submit more clips of the same session if necessary)

Hey, I was wondering when can I hear anything back.

Free my boi y11, hes just cracked mayne