Ban Appeal for PxelPrfect

Server IP: I forgot, I’m sorry.

Server Name: LBG SANDBOX

In-game/Steam Name - PxelPrfect

Steam Profile Link:(Steam Community :: PxelPrfect)

**Why Should We Accept Your Ban Or Mute Appeal?
Look, I get it. I screwed up. Everyone knows me, not for the best reasons. I had a chat with an admin and that got me thinking. I understand what I’ve done, and some things I would like to discuss with Priemo in private. I’ve broken a ton of rules, and I’ve said some stupid things. The things behind it are things that I would like to privately discuss if you want to hear them. This wasn’t really my best that I could have been. I’ve used people as scapegoats, I’ve said things in the past, and I’ve gone after people. I now understand that I became a little too cocky after I met some people, and honestly I did need a step back to think things through. And I promise that I will do better. If you don’t believe me, give it as much time as you feel, watch me, and see the improvements happening with your own eyes. It will happen, and everyone will notice.

** - Reasons as to why we should consider your appeal.

I did stupid things. I’ll admit that after meeting some of the admins, I got a little cocky and started to act stupidly. And I feel like that this has given me the right chance to step back and think, a little reality kicking in. Just give me the final chance. I won’t disappoint. Honestly, reflecting on the dumb things that I’ve done, I don’t feel too proud. I can look at something, acknowledge the fact that I mess up, and can improve immediately, and that is a guarantee. You have my word. Just one final chance, and I will stop doing these things, and I will start following rules, I’ll stop prop pushing, I’ll keep my mouth shut when I go too far, I’ll stop the mic spam, I’ll stop the harassment, I’ll stop the witch hunting, I’ll stop using people as scape goats, and I will just play the game and not ruin everyone’s day. I will change permanently. And that is fully the truth.

ill unban, but you will be watched

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Understandable. Thanks.