Ban Appeal for PS34

Server IP: (I think?)

Server Name: [LBG] Sandbox

In-game/Steam Name - PS34

Steam Profile Link - (Steam Community :: PS34)

Why Should We Accept Your Ban Or Mute Appeal?
On the 17th of December, I was banned for two days for “Being a genuine asshole to almost everyone in the server for small issues, involved or not." I was banned while I was offline after I left the game, I didn’t fully understand why I was banned since I was given no official warning (at least not that I was aware of), so I decided to login to the server with a different account to get a more detailed explanation on my ban as I wasn’t even given the toxic role. However, I was unaware of the fact that most Gmod servers instantly ban people who use alts (I genuinely had no idea that using an alt was against the rules), and following my ban, I looked all over the LBG website and didn’t see any rule that states that using an alt is an offense that would result in a permanent ban.

I’m not blaming anyone here, as I am simply just questioning the circumstances of my ban. In regards to me being rude to people in chat, for what its worth, all of what I say is banter and was never done maliciously (at least from my perspective). I understand now that some people may not see it that way and for that, I am sorry. In regards to attempting to login using an alt, that was a genuine mistake and I had no idea that I was doing something wrong. Again, I had no malicious intent when I tried to login using an alt and now know to never do that again.

My initial two-day ban is over, but I think I deserve to have the permaban (from logging in using an alt) revoked as it was an honest mistake and only did it to clarify why I had been banned in the first place.

You’ve shown genuine remorse for your actions, and in the end, it was really all a mistake. You didn’t know that you would be banned permanently for using an alt but even still, that’s the wrong thing to do at the end of the day. Evading a ban is pretty not smart. However, on the other side, I did have to take the action for the 2-day ban because on that day I just wasn’t having it with anyone really.

My conclusion is:

  1. You’re genuinely sorry about everything, I accept that
  2. Your permaban was a mistake and you didn’t know that it would happen

Your appeal has been accepted.

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