Ash's staff application

I am Ash

The sandbox server

I feel like I should be an admin because in the past 2 weeks I’ve been feeling welcomed here, and I’ve been seeing a lot of rulebreaking occur when there is no staff present in that time frame. Things like racist trolls with racist usernames, people who say slurs, mic spammers, harassment, etc. I feel the need to come out of the dark and take care of these rulebreakers when people are not around, as I am mostly now active on that one multiplayer server mostly for my time on Garry’s Mod, As well for my time on the game. Roughly 3k hours overall. I have maybe around 30 hours on the LBG server. I’ve been making a lot of friends on the LBG servers, too. It’s my new favorite server.

I can hop on every week. Depends on how much homework I have to do. I won’t be available so much on Saturdays, but usually overall the days after. Overall I’ll be fairly pretty active on the server.

I am 17 years of age.
I hope to meet more friends in the moderation team.

a fine addition to the collection

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Prison not to be a bother if you are busy but could you check my staff application? There has been no responses yet and I believe nobody has checked it.
Thank you for checking in advance.
The Real Vegito.

Hi, it hasn’t been 2 days or more ever since you have submitted your application.
Patience is key, your patience allows the higher ups in this community to make a decision.

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While you might be right that I am being a little too impatient I really want to help stop the rule breakers on the sandbox server, I’m eager to help as much as possible, it’s also really disheartening to see new players on the server leave because someone used aimbot or prop blocked them.