Appealing my ban

Server IP:

Server Name: [LBG] 24/7 2Fort | Instant Respawn | No Lag

My in-game steam name currently is como estas, but my name was Russian at the time.

You should heavily consider my appeal because I was not cheating, It says in my source ban I was banned for wallhacks by the admin Grandbull. However, I was not using any cheats/wallhacks to give myself the upper hand. The reason I did not appeal right away is because I was on a spring break vacation, apologies in advance for the delay.

Please provide evidence that you do not cheat with some clips. This would surely help you.

I do not have any clips of any kind during this day, my obs is bugged and I do not use recording software.

Goodbye you are banned permantly because you are mad dumb

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be quiet shugar wtor!!!