A dude who took a joke too far, and wants to be forgiven

Server IP:


Server Name:

  • [LBG] 24/7 2Fort 2 | RTD | Instant Respawn | No lag

In-game/Steam Name

  • Kfte

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Steam ID

  • 76561198993423192

Why Should We Accept Your Ban Or Mute Appeal?

I am fully aware of what I have done, as I have joked with something completely inappropriate which could face me jail in a worst-case scenario. Joking about minor assault and therefore being associated with the pedophile community is a big shame for anyone. If possible, I want to redeem myself by being given a second chance on the server I was banned on. I promise to never joke about anything that breaks the rules of both this community and what the law enforces, and I’ll do my best to be a part of a healthy and active community that strives for the enjoyment of its members.

Hello, this appeal has been handled and the staff member hasn’t replied for unknown reasons so to update your appeal, you have been un-banned
Be careful for things you say as little things that got you banned in the first place could be serious on our end when dealing with

                                   Appeal accepted